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Are you a Boy or Man?

Understanding about oneself is a must to accomplish a goal. It can be known how much you have to go only after you have known where you are. And when it comes to dating, improving fitness or enhancing sexual power it includes an identity crisis: Whether you are a boy or a man.

This is important, because this decides whether you are going to get (or not get, if you play for the wrong league) a girl or a lady. The crisis is most stressful for those in the early 20’s. For others it is a matter of choice and that choice can be hard for some. You want a lively and fun girl or a class and passionate lady?

Now the basic rules. This includes NOT playing for man’s league in a boy’s identity and vice versa. This is because ladies despises little boys (except cougars, they are a class apart) and girly girls tend to give a respectful distance to class men (there are no absolutes in this field, pals. Some exceptions here too).

If you have decided to play in the boy’s league, first thing is to make sure you have the physique of a boy. Your body fat decides that. You should have the least body fat. Flat abs and V-shaped torso too, then the grooming. Trendy hairstyle, jeans, jackets etc. whatever makes you look like a cool guy.

For the man’s league, it is all about projection of power and class. A wide chest in your chest can do a part of it. Then the grooming should announce class not swag. And this is the most expensive part.

The Old Man and the Sea of Women

I have told you all why and how we should identify our dating personality as a boy or a man. But this is a rather zoomed out distinction. When zoomed in there are many subdivisions in theses realms. More are there for the man’s play as the time allocated for them is 50+ years (believe me, I have witnessed 65year old Casanovas picking women like lemon in the street).

And when I’m going to give you a parade through these dating personas, this old man is whom I like to show first. The sexy old man. Yes, he had settled in his skin but sexy. The psychology behind this sexy old man is simple and it is definitely NOT ‘not’ showing your age. It is showing your age (of course, with a class).

When people assume your age, they subconsciously assume you are weak. And when you prove it is wrong with you behavior and mannerisms, that makes you sexy. Some call this the wow-factor. If you can make them say wow, you are appealing.

Mr. Romantic

I have been telling you all the range of dating personas one can acquire. Don’t think that this is a way to hide your real self. This is the way of projecting yourself in the most favorable manner; favorable to get women, favorable to get laid. So my dear pals, the age old advice, “Be yourself” persists.

I believe you all have seen the sexy old man. Now, it is time to meet Mr. Romantic. You must have met him a lot before, in your life, because he is the most common. It is what anyone tries to be when he is trying to get lucky with women.

Also it is a persona very easy to acquire. But the attribute that makes this persona most reachable is that it isn’t much relied on one’s physique. I know, I always emphasize on the physical qualities of men rather than cognitive attributes. Call me materialistic, but it is the truth. Dating and mating have a massive relation with these material qualities.

Now back to our point, the tradeoff here is the success rate based on the simple fact that you are more romantic when you have a good physique. The technique is simple. Be nice and romantic to the lady, win her heart and lead her to bed.

The Iron Man

I believe you all are familiar with the comic book hero, Iron Man. Well, if you aren’t; he’s is the billionaire and brilliant weapon manufacturer, Tony Stark, who calls himself the Iron Man when he is in his weaponized suit.

His role in our subject is that the way he attract ladies. He is an example for the persona I would like to introduce to you all next.

Iron Man is the top notch persona. Therefore it requires a considerable amount of wealth. I’m kidding, but it is going to cost you some dough to get this top notch killer look. And preferable for those with wealth who tries to attract ladies with their own charm (Yeah, money itself is a charm).

Back to iron man. He looks sharp, I mean, the sharpest. What he wears isn’t saggy or crumpled anywhere but fit and well-tailored. Ladies look at him with respect and he makes them weak at their knees. That’s all.

Simple, right? Of course it is. But some people won’t fit in this persona. For starters, if you have pot belly or that kind of abdominal mass.

One advantage with this look and persona is that ladies won’t try to play their little mind games with you (like that to Mr. Romantic). She knows that someone else is waiting to get a piece of you.

The Tamed Stallion

Where were we? Yup, we were lining up personas. We have met the sexy old guy, Mr. Romantic, and the sharp looking iron man. The game is getting tougher and so I’m taking you to the tough guy.

Describing him is a little tricky. He is not that much chatty (which makes this an apt persona to acquire for those who aren’t blessed by the tongue goddess) for starters. But he is definitely not an introvert.

He smiles at you, greets you and move on. He helps the ladies to load up their groceries and stuff from the super market while they were fantasizing how many “jars” he is going to help to open.

Now the way he looks. He is adequately beefy. Strong arms and deep-wide chest with hair are the minor details here (Ladies, stop drooling). One apt reference for this persona is the Hollywood actor from the movie Gladiator, Russell Crowe. Imagine him in polo T-shirts and comfort pants.

The idea that is projected to the women around him, is that he is the man. Like, raw man, raw masculinity without any gimmicks or pick-up lines.

The advantage and technique here is that women come after you and so you just have to sit there, pick one and follow her lead. They come to you for a casual chat or for a help.

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