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Bhojpuri Actress Priyanka Pandith’s Private Video Goes Viral

An alleged private video of Bhojpuri actress, Priyanka Pandit, has gone viral on social media. The actress is known for her roles in Bhojpuri films like Pawan Putra, Ichhadhari, Awara Balam, Karam Yug and Tod De Dushman Ki Nali Ram Aur Ali.

How to watch Priyanka’s hot videos?

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At present you can only watch it on Adndroid mobile phone. You can’t directly watch it on desktop or TV!

More about Priyanka Pandith

The dancer & actress initially claimed that the video is fake & it is not of hers. However, later she claimed that it’s an old video meant for her close partner. In the video the actress was seen showing her upper body private parts like breast, navel, belly etc. She has the flexibility to bend her head & lick her own boob. She was also seen pinching & twisting nipple which could be painful for any woman if not fully aroused. Perhaps, the act is meant for instant arousal of her partner or friends.

Priyanka Pandith Viral Private Video

Ever since the video has gone viral, millions of people downloaded it from many legal and illegal social media sites. Some peoples are spreading it on private Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram, IMO & Snapchat program. The actress has specifically requested her fans not to forward it into anyone. However, from my knowledge, it’s impossible to stop viral spread of such videos.

The sexiness and heatness of the content is weak compared to videos of other celebrities like Trisha Kar Madhu & Nisha Guragain

In the following youtube video you can see Priyanka’s acting & dancing skill. It’s short & fun to watch. She is indeed very talented.

If the above video is not what you expected then you need to download the free mobile application to watch the real video.

Warning & Disclaimer:

It’s illegal to watch private videos of any person without their consent. So watch at your own risk.

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