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Anal Sex Tips If you Must Want to Try Before Die!

It’s perfectly okay if you don’t want to die without trying anal sex once in a lifetime. Many men (and some women) want do anal because it’s doable, not necessarily enjoyable!

happy anal sex couple: original painting

Here is the first truth about anal sex…

Anal sex is not a painful experience for receiver, it could be painful to giver too. You don’t have to drill anus like they do it in porn. If you insert tip of your penis into anus you can experience the high contraction & a different level of experience.

If the receiver is feeling pain due to tightness then you’ll feel the pain too & most likely your penis will lose erection!

Why do Anal?

Anus and rectum are the parts of human body very sensitive with a large number of nerve endings. That is why including anal play into one’s sexual life doubtlessly can add to the spectrum of sensations.

Men can find anal sex pleasurable both as insertives – for the anus is usually tighter than vagina. And as receptives, due to the high sensitiveness of the prostate (also called the male G-spot or “P-spot”).

Some women can reach orgasm from indirect stimulation of the vagina, in particular, the G-spot and the internal clitoris. And even from penetrating the partner with a strap-on dildo or some other similar object. (in heterosexual couples, this is called pegging)

How to have satisfying anal sex for both?

First of all, this kind of sexual interaction should be consensual. People can feel different about having anal sex both in terms of one’s own boundaries based on the social attitude towards it and because of the peculiarities of body structure.

The feeling of pain that appears during penetration indicates that something is wrong, so anal sex should not be forced. Anyway, it is advised to take time and start slowly.

The basics- getting ready

A massage of the thighs, perineum, buttocks or anus can help relax and “tune” both partners in for anal sex play.

preparing for pleasurable anal sex

It also allows to learn one’s body discovering the sensations experienced through various types of stimulation. Stroking, applying pressure, oral contact, touching or penetrating with fingers and other body parts, toys or the penis. A variety of anal sex toys can bring yet new sensations.

gently lick anus and insert tongue

At this stage it is important to ensure anal sex safety. This concerns both using protection to avoid transmitting STDs and other infections. Being careful not to injure the delicate tissues of the rectum and lining of the lower bowel.

anal beads helps expand anus
anal beads helps expand anus

Toys should be smooth, fingernails clean and round, and lubricant sufficient and latex-compatible. Using condoms, dental dams or rubber gloves is highly recommended if the anal sex partner’s infection status is vague.

To provide for better hygiene prior to anal sex it is advised to go to bathroom. Wash up thoroughly or even have an enema.

A comfortable position, trusting atmosphere and arousing foreplay are all likely to get partners in the right mood for experimenting with anal sex and enjoying it. Kisspeptin is the hormone that gives desire and arousal.

choose a comfortable position for anal sex

Safety Info:

Speaking about anal sex safety, two aspects of the matter should be considered, namely, the psychological and the physical one.

To start with the health issues, anal intercourse is one of the riskiest sexual interactions due to the extreme delicateness of the anus and lower bowel and their high susceptibility to infections.

As unlike vagina, rectum does not secrete mucus itself, micro-tears, cuts and other kinds of anorectal injuries are likely without proper lubrication during anal sex.

anus & vagina opening: original paint art

These traumas combined with the rectum’s natural function of fluid-absorption considerably reduce anal sex safety possibly leading to the transmission of STDs, such as clamidiosis; gonorrhea; hepatitis A/B/C; syphilis and especially, HIV; and can even lead to such serious diseases as tuberculosis, hemorrhoids or anal cancer.

Moreover, though the rectum usually contains only tiny traces of feces which can be removed for higher anal sex safety with the help of enemas.

Infectious organisms that are harmless for the bowel can cause bad inflammation of vagina or urethra as well as other health problems if getting onto the skin, mucous membranes or into the mouth.

Must Avoid

It is highly inadvisable to practice ass-to-mouth anal sex, coprophilia or insert the penis, anal sex toys, fingers or other objects into vagina after they’ve been in the anus without proper disinfection.

anal sex must be mutually satisfying

Condoms, rubber gloves and dental dams, as well as sufficient latex-compatible lubricants and vaccinations are all essential for anal sex safety.

It is also recommended that anal sex is not practiced with people whose infection status is unclear. And who you cannot put complete trust in, as not only such contacts decrease anal sex safety gravely, but also make the scene development unpredictable on the whole.

Inconsistency, appearing due to the loss by sphincter of its tone, is also a possible result of frequent anal interaction but can usually happen only if general rules of anal sex safety (lubrication and care) are not observed. Kegels or pelvic floor exercises can help prevent the problem, too.

Emotional Integrity

The other side of anal sex safety issue concerns emotional integrity of the practitioners. Forced anal sex or engaging in practice in state of alcoholic or drug intoxication can be very traumatizing of an experience, too.

Painful anal sex : women in extreme pain (original paint art)
Never force perform anal

Teen anal sex, especially practiced under the influence of various media popularizing the activity (anal sex movies) or out of the herd instinct can also have a range of profound consequences for the unstable minds of minors.

Lately pretty much all the popular magazines are writing (& promoting) unusual, abnormal and immoral anal sex activities (read cosmopolitan, Mens health, Famina etc)

drunk woman getting anal sex: original paint art
NEVER do anal sex under alcoholic or drug intoxication

We are not against LGBT community. However, we don’t encourage anyone to forcibly become a homo.

Yet other people can feel uncomfortable about practicing anal sex due to the social attitude to it as something shameful or indecent.

Thus, knowing anal sex safety is an important precondition for the practice to be painless in every sense of the word.


Anus is constructed as ‘one-way’ road where strict rules apply. By making it ‘2 way’ freeway you are breaking the law! But when traffic cop & unruly driver becomes friend rules can be broken!

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