Powerful, female erotica areas in the body of a woman are clearly stated in this article to help every woman identify her own unique ways she can be aroused for sex. Likewise, husbands can maximize them to turn their wives on.

From findings, the following female erotica parts of the body can be touched or caressed for sexual excitement in a woman.

1. Hair: Ask your wife, though she may shy away from it, she will tell you that she likes to have you stroke it. Virtually all women like it. If she has headache (or pretends so) spend few minutes caressing her hair

You can’t enter the pussy by force, but you can certainly do it by spending few minutes on her hair. Hair is the gateway to open the pussy!

2. Nose & Forehead: In some women, there is an influx of blood to their noses, thus making it sensitive to touch. Deep kiss her forehead, so she feels your love and affection.

3. Ear: The lower lobe of the ear in some women is sensitive to touch. Rub it gently. For many women this is super hot area and fires her lust!

4. Lips: Many women can be stimulated for sex through kissing. Be careful about oral hygiene.  Sex without lip-to-lip kisses simply not sex at all!

5. Tongue: For most women, you can stimulate them for sex when you engage in deep kiss otherwise called French kiss.

6. Neck: The back of the neck is also sensitive to touch. The spinal cord runs through the neck to the brain, thus sending signals to other parts of the body. Stroke it lightly.

7. Breast: This is one of the most sensitive parts of a woman. In fact, the breasts are generally classified as sexual organs. A man can arouse her wife by gently fondling her breasts.

8. Nipples: They are the tips of the breasts and the most sensitive part thereof. They are a little bit soft. They are erotic female parts of women’s body. When caressed, they eventually toughen up to some measure to signify that the woman is sexually turned on. This is an extra sensitive area, so don’t touch nipple before she is warmed-up slightly. Directly attacking nipple may spoil the mood!

9. Buttocks: There are networks of nerves in the buttocks that send signals to the sex hormones in the body. During orgasm, the muscles in the buttocks are part of those in the pelvic and pubic regions which contract violently, thereby leading to the jerking of the body under intense pleasure.

10. Armpit: Interestingly, there are women who are sensitive to touch in this area.

11. Soles of the feet: For some women, the soles of their feet respond to touch from men. This sends some signal to the brain.

12. Inner thigh: The parts of the thigh between the two legs are elements of sexual arousal.

13. Pubic area: The vulva as well as the area covered by hair just a little bit above the vagina is quite sensitive to touch.

14. Clitoris. This is the most sensitive female erotica part. This alone can bring a woman to orgasms.

Nonetheless, it is worth stating that all women do not sexually respond to touch in all these possible female erotica areas. The common points for all are the breasts and their nipples, the pubic area and the clitoral region. The following are 2 resources that reveal how you can have a sensational romance with your spouse: